(with White Rice)
($1 Extra for Fried Rice or Brown Rice)
spicyOrange Chicken $9.99
Sesame Chicken $9.99
Chicken Chow Mein
Not Noodle, Served w. Fried Noodle
spicyGeneral Tso's Chicken $9.99
Moo Shu Chicken (w. 4 Pancakes) $9.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken $8.99
spicyKung Po Chicken $8.99
Chicken with Cashew Nuts $8.99
spicyCurry Chicken $8.99
Chicken with Broccoli $8.99
Imperial Chicken (in White Sauce) $8.99
spicySzechuan Shredded Chicken $8.99
spicyShredded Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce $8.99
Moo Goo Gai Pan $8.99
Chicken with Mixed Vegetable $8.99
Pineapple Chicken $8.99
spicyHunan Chicken $8.99
Chicken Teriyaki $9.99
Chicken with String Bean $9.99
Chicken with Asparagus
(White Sauce)
Chicken and Shrimp w. Seasonal Vegetable $11.49