(with White Rice)
($1 Extra for Fried Rice or Brown Rice)
Beef Chow Mein
Not Noodle, Served w. Fried Noodle
spicyHunan Beef $10.19
Pepper Steak $10.19
Beef with Broccoli $10.19
Beef with Snow Peas $10.79
spicyCurry Beef $10.19
Beef with Bamboo Shoot & Mushroom $10.79
spicyShredded Beef in Hot Garlic Sauce $10.19
Beef with String Bean $10.79
Beef with Mixed Vegetable $10.19
spicySpicy Mala Beef $10.19
Moo Shu Beef $10.79
spicyMongolian Beef $11.79
Beef with Asparagus $11.79
Beef and Chicken w. Seasonal Vegetable $11.79